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    New PC really slow, great procesor ?


      Hi everyone.


      Im Kevin Aguilar. Recently I bought a new PC, here's the specs:


      It's not the best PC but I think is higher than standard ones. Next, I'll show you mi system perfomance.


      My Pc performance is always similar to this one, even lower usage. The prblem with this PC, is always slow on gaming and when Im working programming.

      I already chech registrys, the hard disk already analysed and repaired(windows utility), clean installation of windows many times already. MSI combutor and MSI afterburner

      only proveed that my pc is really slow.


      Also, to all this **** I hace random blue death screens with:





      I updated my drivers, desintalled drivers and installed again, it seem that nothig is going to work with this pc, I spend like $5000 mexican pesos to buy this PC for my college.

      Someboy in the forum can be kind and help me out with this?


      Kevin Aguilar

      Ing. Tics

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          Hello Kevin, Check out this review on the CPU AMD A10-7860K Preview | PCMag.com its middle of the road so it will have its good and bad sides.



          Very good integrated graphics performance. Compatible with FM2+ socket.



          FM2+ is nearing end of life. Other CPUs fare better with general processing tasks.


          BOTTOM LINEThe AMD A10-7860K is a balanced processor in terms of price, performance, power usage, and gaming capabilities. It's a good choice if you're upgrading a FM2+ DIY PC.


          If this is a laptop, those are generally going to perform lower then a desktop.

          I bought a cheap AMD A10-8700P with the R6 int graphics laptop and i noticed it very sluggish compared to my old I5 laptop.

          IBM is better for compiling and general task but the AMD should perform well with gaming.