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    DooM multiplayer flickering @ Vulkan, it was solved once


      The once solved problem came back with anything newer than Crimson 16.9.1 / Vulkan RT 1.0.21:


      Weird lines and squares in the DooM (2016) multiplayer, singleplayer works like charm. The flickering is only gone when you use SMAA, anything else but that will cause this screen flickering. Seems like all maps (vanilla and all DLCs) have non or minor flickering, exept one map: Helix. This map turns out to be extreme with the flickering. There are even specific spots in the map where only one specific flicker happends. Mostly, i get vertical yellow and white lines and there is an upper-level area with an "air pressure elevator" where i get small flickering squares. Everytime i pass this specific area, i get these spots, rest of the map i get the vertical lines.


      There is also a steam community discussion about it:


      Vulkan screen flickering / graphic bug in Multiplayer :: DOOM General Discussions

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          Hey coffeeman89,


          This issue was resolved a few driver iterations ago and isn't correlated to DOOM/Vulkan RT, nor the 16.9.1 - 17.3.1 drivers. I just tested DOOM using the 17.3.1 drivers and couldn't replicate the issue in either Campaign, Arcade or Multiplayer. Although unlikely, this could perhaps be affecting a certain series of Radeon cards. So with that being said, please provide us the necessary information to begin troubleshooting your issue.


          In all likely hood, incorrect voltage settings by the AIB are exasperated when using a certain driver as it may be more efficiently driving your cards performance, thus exposing this flaw in design. This occurs fairly often since all dies are slightly different. Hopefully that's all it is and if so, I can direct you creating a Radeon Wattman or MSI Afterburner profile that better suits DOOM, providing a more stable experience in game.


          Either way, reply with the information and I'll have a look.

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