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    "Power Efficiency" setting issues in game and out of game


      Windows 7

      Graphics Chipset - Radeon (TM) RX 480 Graphics, Memory Size - 8192 MB, Core Clock - 1288 MHz

      Radeon Settings Version - 2017.0303.2232.40545

      Driver Packaging Version - 16.60.2711-170303a-311798E-CrimsonReLive



      With "Power Efficiency" option enabled, GPU does not reach maximum core speed in Overwatch. It fluctuates between 1190ish and 1240ish. Non-gaming apps like MPC-HC (Home · MPC-HC ) DO function properly and do not cause the GPU to spike at all or show any odd behavior (typically stays at 300mhz).


      With "Power Efficiency" option disabled, GPU reaches maximum core speed just fine in Overwatch. The stuttering observed in game with PE enabled is gone as well. Unfortunately this also causes some non-gaming apps like MPC-HC to drive the RX480 to maximum core speed (1288mhz) while videos are playing. These are simple videos in a media player and should not trigger max core speed.


      So it seems I will have to toggle this option when I game to save my sanity and to preserve the longevity of my card when not gaming.


      I've seen it requested before but it would be nice to have a global setting of forced enabled, and then have per-app configuration options that override the global to disable it if the app is active. Right now, it doesn't seem like "Power Efficiency" is doing it's job properly when games are active and prevents the card from reaching max performance.

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          Any difference with hw acc disabled in browser ?.

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            Power Efficiency is performing as expected according to your post. With it enabled GPU clocks are throttled to use less power, with the option disabled clocks are higher to improve performance, at the expense of using more power. No harm is being done to your GPU by having a high clock speed while playing videos. If you are still concerned, try disabling hardware acceleration in MPC and that should give you lower clocks.

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                Sorry for raising this, but the thing is most certainty NOT performing as expected.

                It has been over a year now, and still this issue is still not fixed. Hardware accelerated browsers or video players should not raise clock speeds of these cards. These cards are perfectly able to do hw accelerated browsing or videos, or running desktop on their idle clock.


                I don't understand why this issue is still a problem when the solution is so simple:


                Option 1 : Give us per profile power efficiency toggle, so we can do your job for you, and optimise our cards.


                Option 2: Separate 2D / 3D power efficiency profile, where it enables itself when no 3D app is running ( conserving  power, reducing heat ), and then it auto turns off when ingame ( giving performance we want out of these cards )


                Even more bizarre, idle / load clocks work perfectly fine in older gen cards..


                My workaround was having PE toggle ON, for efficient idle / office use, and having 3rd party app " clockblocker " per app ( game ) preventing downclocking.


                Recent drivers tough, have messed up PE toggle, so it now toggles to off randomly and very often, making my workaround useless.