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    Desperate plea to ❤️ AMD ❤️


      Hello AMD, I wube you and hope you succeed and defeat the overpriced giants known as Nividea and intel (show them who's boss)


      That being said I own an rx 460 and I discovered its teensy dark secret that it actually has 1024 steam processors (shaders)instead of the advertised 896 and 64 tmus instead of the advertised 56. The missing 128 shaders and 8 tmu are locked away on the card.


      In the past; you could of used a custom bios flash and unlocked the hidden potential of the card! Resulting in a performance increase of roughly 10-15% ! 


      However ever since the 16.1 drivers, if your gpu was custom bio flashed, it would not be recognized by your computer.


      Proof: http://overclocking.guide/amd-radeon-rx-460-unlocking-1024-stream-processors/


      I got my card recently and never had the opportunity to do this, so I am wondering if AMD would pwease unlock my rx 460's true potential.


      I know I know, that you plan to rebrand the RX 460 in the rx 500 series with the full amount of steam processors, but that is ok, and we can just keep my rx 460 true potential being unlocked a secret(only do it for me pwease.)


      Every night I pray to my AMD shrine and hope that you can grant my wish.


      Also I think Lisa T. Su ; ceo of amd has a good choice in lipstick and nail polish. I find her outfits super cute.


      pwease unlock my rx 460!