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I have problem with the instalation of my drivers

Question asked by cusmar on Mar 12, 2017
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i am trying to install the driver of my R9 270x, however, the instalation software(Radeon-Crimson-ReLive-17.3.1-MinimalSetup) keeps telling me that drivers are already installed.

The things is i don't have any amd driver installed. I uninstalled every amd driver i had(at least i tried). I ran Display driver uninstaller in safe mode and AMD unistaller but nothing changes.

I did Widows+r "dxdiag to check the drivers, but it looks like that they are not installed.


Someone has an idea of how to install my driver manually ?


PS: i had an old version of the drivers(OW and GTA kept crashing and crashing), i wanted to update it but it didn't work at all as i had runtime error, so i uninstalled AMD package to install the last version and now i can't install it anymore.