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    Unable to find saved Eyefinity Display Groups


      Hello, my first time posting here.


      I have an RX 480 8GB card with an i5 6600, three 27" AOC and 2 21" Lenovo monitors.


      I am able to setup the Eyefinity 1x3 across my AOCs and use my Lenovos as seperate displays. When I complete the setup, I save the Display Group (I have done this five times now with five different Display Group names).


      However, I disable the group when I am done gaming and the next time I want to game, I have to go through the whole process again. I can not find any options to open an existing display group and go. Also, in the gaming section in the Profile Options tab (game profile, NOT display group profile) I have the Launch with AMD Eyefinity option checked, but if I launch the game from the Gaming section, it will not load any Eyefinity group or profile, but places the game on one monitor only.


      Where do I find the Display Groups and how to I attach the Display Group I want to the Game Profile so I do not have to do the set up EVERY TIME?


      Thank you in advance for your help!





      Gigabyte GA-B250 LGA 1151 ATX Motherboard

      Intel i5-6600k 3.5Ghz Quad-Core

      16GB DDR4-3000 RAM

      1TB SSD

      MSI RX-480 *GB GPU


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          Having exactly the same issue.


          Would love to hear if you had any luck


          Radeo Software V 16.6, Windows 10, AMD Radeon R9 200 series.

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            I signed up to ask this very same question. Multiple displays are very important to me as my next major upgrade will be 3 - 5 monitors (I'm getting 3 low-bezel monitors but am likely keeping my current monitor which I purchased for its color accuracy - and my other monitor may or may not be worth more to me than the $35 or so I'd be able to sell it for). So I'll need a pretty powerful card to run that many monitors. But for productivity it makes no sense whatsoever to have more than 3 monitors and it's much better to have them separate than to have them read as 1 display.


            Eyefinity not being able to be quickly configured or reconfigured is a deal breaker. I've had times where I configure my dual monitor setup only to find out that it won't let me add bezel compensation. So I redo it and then it'll let me (or I have to do it a 3rd time...) - Sometimes the option is just not there. Additionally I can ONLY adjust the height offset of my monitors when initially configuring. I can't (as far as I can tell) access that after I've passed the screen. Because my lesser monitor has a horrible forward (faces downward) tilt there's a height difference that changes based on how far "up" the screen you go. So I need to adjust this for every game based on where most of the action takes place. This is pretty much only a problem for setups where the bezel is in the middle (ie 2 monitors instead of 3) and there's no way to offset the camera due to HUD or some other thing the dev didn't consider. But it's still a pretty big problem that didn't exist previously. Creating*, Editing, and Switching between profiles (preferably automatically*) is pretty much a necessity D:


            * Yes I'm aware that this is indeed a feature. It can definitely be improved.