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Thread Stuck in Device Driver when playing Football Manager 2017 with newest driver

Question asked by alessiodl on Mar 11, 2017

Hello and Goodmorning everybody ,

I have an ASUS X550ZE with a R5 M230 and an integrated R6 , i 've also red that the crossfire between this two cards is called R7 M265,

i had radeon settings 15.30 version with this drivers :





I played Football Manager 2017 well and use other heavy programs (like Android Device Emulator for android studio for example) without problems.

Then after updating the drivers to the last release (6/03/2017) ,i have the BSOD problem with Thread Stuck In device driver when playing football manager , i have try to delete all drivers with DDU and AMD unistall Utility and reinstall them but this didn't work ,i 've also reinstalled windows 10 formatting the pc but nothing .
So i  downgrade the drivers to the previous version and the error is disappeared ,but i think it's not a good thing to use one years old drivers so what i can do to resolve this problem?