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a10-7860K is an amazing cpu/apu combo....Will AMD release Ryzen that offers an even faster built-in APU?  That could be a game changer for casual users and gamers...

Question asked by pet1700 on Mar 10, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2017 by xajel

With my time off, I had a chance to build a new PC.  This beauty was relatively inexpensive ($300), but can handle overclocking with great coolness and stability, thus yielding results similar or better than machines costing 2x to 3x times more (i.e. i5 and i7 with dedicated apu)!  My question, will AMD release a Ryzen CPU/APU combination that will allow casual gamers and users to build a "cheap" priced desktop to handle basic gaming and office tasks without the need of a dedicated graphic card?


Processor: AMD a7860K (stock 3.6ghz) running at 4.4ghz using stock cooler

Motherboard: ASRock A88M-G/3.1 FM2+

Graphic Card: Built into the processor.  The AMD R7 APU. (Stock 750mhz) running at 900mhz.

Memory: Kingston Hyper X Predator: 16GB DDR3 running at 2400Mhz at CL11 speeds.

RamDrive: 4GB (100x faster than SSD).  Used for Windows temp files, browser temp/cache files, and Photoshop Cache.

Thermal Compound: Arctic Silver Ceramique 2

Case Fans: 3 (120mm) high performance fans from Enermax


Passed all stress testing:

Prime95: For over 3 hrs

FurMark: Burn-in/GPU stress test for over 10 minutes

AMD Overdrive Stability Test: For over 2 hours

Memtest86: For nearly 9 hrs


3DMark Benchmark Scores:

Sky Diver: 6763

Cloud Gate: 8054

Fire Strike: 1740

Time Spy: 730