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AMD A4-5300B seems to be running high temperatures.

Question asked by hbenthow on Mar 10, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2017 by hbenthow

I have an HP 6305 Pro with an AMD A4-5300B processor (which features AMD Radeon HD 7480D integrated graphics). It is my understanding that it is not good to allow this CPU to get over 70 degrees Celcius. However, when I opened Speccy to look at my CPU temperature, I saw that it fluctuated between about 50 and 72 Celcius. It seemed to stay in the 60s most of the time, but frequently climbed into the 70s. I then stopped JDownloader (which I had running some downloads at the time), and it dropped significantly, staying mostly between 47 and 58 (with occasional climbs into the 60s), staying mostly in the lower 50s. However, it is my understanding that even this is fairly high for an idle temperature.


It seems to me that whenever I use even a moderate amount of CPU, my temperatures climb very high. I recorded a video of my Windows Task Manager and Speccy open side by side, so you can see how much CPU usage tends to correlate to what temperatures of my computer. Here's the video:


Does this appear abnormal to you?