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    RX480 stuttering on 17 series drivers


      I've been eagerly waiting for this issue to be resolved since December, but seeing it's still ongoing, I decided to report it. I really want to stay up-to-date with my drivers but this issue is preventing me from updating.


      On 17 series drivers (including 17.3.1) on some titles (I'll use World of Warships as an example) I get stutters when running them fullscreen or borderless fullscreen. The stutters occur every ~1 second and last about 0.5-0.25 seconds which makes the game unplayable. During the stutters my whole controls freeze, including mouse control.


      I checked what's happening with Wattman and here's what I found out when playing World of Warships:




      When I switch to the game and make it fullscreen, my memory speed momentarily drops down to 300Mhz along with some GPU speed fluctuation. When I alt tab, and let it run in the background, it runs perfectly.


      I did a clean install of the driver (With DDU) and the issue is still there. Windows power settings make no difference.


      The only solution I found is to roll back to 16.12.1 drivers, which work flawlessly in the same situation. Obviously I can't stay on this driver especially when I want to play the latest titles . . . which is exactly what I had in mind when bought an RX480.


      My system specs:

      i7 6700

      Asus B150M

      MSI RX480 8Gb Gaming X

      16GB DDR4 RAM (2100MHz)

      600W EVGA PSU

      Windows 10 (64 bit)