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r9 radeon 280vtx triple screen problem

Question asked by chris82 on Mar 10, 2017

hi to all,

Fisrt sorry for my English...

i have r9 radeon 280vtx card and i want to setup a triple screen..

the monitors are :1 LG tv monitor 1080p (flatron m2362d)

                            1 LG IPS LED 24MP55

                            1 LG IPS LED 24EA53

I know that my r9 280x support triple monitors,but it doesnt identify the one of the three monitors...

My r9 has 2 mini displayports,1 hdmi,1dvi-d.

I have tried many connections with different ports ,but nothing ..

Ihave the tv monitor with HDMI port,

the one ips monitor from mini disolay port with active adaptor to hdmi

and the last ips monitor with the same connection with the other...(i have tried with the dvi port but nothing..)

I read somewhere that all i need to solve that problem is an active displayport..idont understand what kind of active displayport is needed and if that is the reson with the one monitor.