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Fearful of what I have messed with

Question asked by butt_rag on Mar 10, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2017 by atlasminor

Hello community, I have been playing with my brand new gaming PC and it's actually something that i'm very unfamiliar with. Before this I usually just had off the shelf PC's with weak integrated graphics cards. Anyways, to the question. I was playing around on the AMD Radeon driver menus which I will be attaching pictures of to make sure that whomever helps me will understand what I have been tinkering with. I have a huge amount of OCD for this sort of thing and so I tend to worry about messing with settings. I stumbled across the wattman thing, and even though I do not believe that I edited any overclock settings, is there a way that I can completely restore ALL of my driver settings to their original states as if I just reformatted and freshly installed windows 7? This is an IBUYPOWER PC, so the drivers were already in place, but I would like to just completely reset all of the settings. I found the graphics settings restore option, as well as the complete factory restore option, however it does not seem to reset everything. The GPU scaling toggle and scaling mode settings remain in altered states even after I supposedly factory restored (I have tested this). I don't want to have any overclocked settings in place or such profiles for any game or application. How can I easily make sure that I have no overclocking settings whatsoever and completely restore all settings to their original values? I would prefer to not have to delete the driver program, but will if I must. Surely there must be a way to empty the saved settings that I already have. Thanks