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R9 390 audio output capabilities

Question asked by mycrowave on Mar 10, 2017

I have a home theater PC that I currently have a NVIDIA Geforce 580 graphics card in and I am considering replacing the card with an R9 390.


I use this computer as a home theater PC and not for gaming.  It is connected to my receiver via the HDMI connection.  Today, I noticed that the video card is not capable of some of the more modern Blu-Ray audio formats that my receiver supports.  The video quality of the current graphics card is good enough for movie watching, which is the most intense thing I do from a video perspective.  Also, I currently do not have a 4K television and I do know that if I upgrade the R9 390 will be much better for that.  I don't have any plans on upgrading to 4K any time soon.


I am wondering if the R9 390 supports more audio formats over HDMI than my current video card? I've tried to search google and this forum for this information, but don't seem to be able to find it.


Here is what my current video card supports:


Does the Radeon R9 390 support more and if so can someone reply with a screenshot of what it does support?