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    rx 480 gigabyte 8gb


      I bought the rx 480 gigabyte 8gb only in games hangs image and only a reboot helps, in the tests everything is fine what could be the problem ?

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          Hello, some games are buggy. For Example I play RIFT by Trion, an MMO game where my RX 480 would crash due to other spell graphic effects by other players. I would have to turn off FX spells by other players so it would not spike and make my graphics freeze crash. Each game you have you will need to tune till it is playable. Use the Profile presets for applications in the AMD Radeon version 17.3.1, that seems to works pretty well for presetting.

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            i bought a xfx rx480 gb gs and mine hangs with  grey screen forcing me to reboot. Only hangs in overwatch and

            vermintide. The card runs great in doom and tw warhammer. I popped a  1070 in the computer and all game run fine.

            my specs:


            amd ryzen 1700 @ 3.7ghz

            asrock x370 killer sli

            16 gb corsair ddr4 3000mhz

            650w evga gold psu

            xfx rx 480 gs 8gb