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    R9 280X Fatal damage - relive / wattman problem


      Have this good card for almost two years with no issue, no problems at all, but...

      Started on 16.12 driver release, suffering the AMD wattman flickering, crash and a lot of HARD-RESET, i mean a lot, tested some games and in 5 minutes or less the game crashed and balck screen, or screen corrupition and so on. So after a seach i found thats not only with me, other people are having this issue and i found if it was related to the relive drive, so i roll back to 16.9.2 and everything started to work normal again. So it was a non hardware problem at all.

      Days and months have passed with no issues, so I tried the 17.3.1 and on the first 30 minutes of gameplay (Elder Scrolls Online) i did notice a flickering grass but ok, and so a Crash again, lot of artifacts, so i exited the game and rebboted the windows, but then again lot of stips and "green" and "blue" vertical stips, so a white screen with a system crash, and the worse my PC won’t start anymore, even to the bios screen, so I used an old HD6870 and all started fine, I did all kind of tests all day long and my 280x don’t work , tried HDMI, DVI, VGA cable and nothing.  My MB shows a red led indicator for VGA problem.

      So using my old HD6800 I started my PC, used the DDU to clear the drivers, but when I change back to 280x the PC won’t start.


      Things to consider:

      1 - Never had the issues before.

      2 - Rolling back to 16,xx driver with no relive / wattman on it make the things normal again.

      3 - After 2 or 3 months playing and using  for others things was a normal and smooth thing.

      4 - Upgrated the driver to 17.3.1 and in 30 minutes all problem back with a "fatality" bonus.


      So what u think? it is a coincidence?

      Can the driver somehow bring harm to my hardware?


      Windows 10 updated

      280X HIS ICQ².

      Asus MB M5A97EVO R2

      FX 8350, 2x Corsair 1333 4GB

      All up to date and no problems until the Relive drivers.