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    Drop de fps com processador fx 8350


      This is my specification



      Processor: fx 8350

      Mother board: M5A78L-M LX V2

      Video card: rx 480 4gb

      Memory: hyperx 2x8gb 1866Mhz

      2 HD: 1t do not remember the brand 7200rpm (one is the S.O and the other the games)

      Source: thermaltake 550w



      Here's the problem:



      I'm having constant drops of fps in all games (bf1, bf4, bf3, rainbow six 6, gtaV and several others) no matter in what quality rode always have drop and at all times already I researched here but I did not find solution.



      Obs: in rainbow six game 6 I lock 2 cores and down the clock to 3.1 it can wheel with 60 but n with more than that, Ja in bf1, bf4 does not work that dimunui considerably the fall of fps but in heavier parts I I get 10 fps and then back to 60.

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          Can't speak for all those games as I don't own them, however BF1 and GTAV are horribly CPU bound games that are optimized more for Intel's CPUs than AMD's (they rely more on single thread IPC than multithreading which Intel has at least a 40% lead in over FX chips depending on model).


          BF1 is also quite sensitive to memory bandwidth giving intel (who use DDR4 for their newer chipsets as oppose to AM3+ which only supports DDR3) another leg up.


          There isn't much you can do about it other than getting a new mobo, RAM and CPU arrangement (Ryzen and AM4 from AMD or Intel's Skylake or Kabylake equivalents).


          You could possibly squeeze a little more out of your current setup though by setting your power plan to performance instead of balanced, trying a reasonable overclock (most 8350s can hit 4.4Ghtz fairly easily on stock voltages with half decent air coolers) and tweaking driver settings (and in game settings) for things like vsync (which can slash your framerate in half every time a frame takes longer than 16.7ms to render) and not forcing multisampling or supersampling (which can both adversely affect performance for relatively little gain)

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            Try running the CPU frequency monitoring during the game. Use OCCT or AIDA

            It is very likely that you have overheated processor or processor power system.

            Write the CPU temperature, the temperature of the power system and the frequency of the processor during the game