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rx480 power color red devils 8gb crossfire

Question asked by g_code912 on Mar 9, 2017

I have two of these and when I play street figher 5 the game has slow down and cant get 60 fps stays at 30fps I've tried single  card mode and crossfire mode but if I play gta5  runs smooth for hours no problems get 60 fps or higher. I notice that all my 3d fighters like ultimate marvel vs capcom or even injustice gods among us is doing it but when I had in my hd7970's I never had this problem so Iam asking should I return these cards or its a softwarre issue? Any help would be appreciated



cpu: fx8350

ram: 16 gigs patriot viper red

motherboard msi990-gd65v2

gpu:two rx480' 8gb

psu:evga 1300watt gold