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Drivers won't update from 16.11.5 to 17.3.1

Question asked by vesmolol on Mar 9, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2017 by thoaithan95

I have an R9 380 GPU and I'm trying to update my drivers to the latest (from 16.11.5 to 17.2.1 or 17.3.1). However, whenever I try to do this through the AMD Radeon Settings program it downloads the drivers and says "the drivers will be installed in X-path", extracts the files, then pop ups a window that says "AMD Software" and "Currently installed 16.40.3211.1101" and "Local driver 16.60.2711" (sorry if these are not 100% correct, translating from my language). I don't know what to do from here -- all the previous driver updates have just automatically opened up and started installing. I've tried clicking on some of the options like selecting Local Driver and choosing quick install but then the program just hangs there until I force quit it.