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Battlefield 4 mantle crash windowed mode RX 480

Question asked by ferespinosa96 on Mar 9, 2017

I would like to report a problem with battlefield 4 and RX 480.


What happens:


I search for a server in battlelog(google chrome) and it connects to the server and loads the map in the BACKGROUND(i imagine it is also minimized), whenever i open battlefield it crashes, and even my pc reboots sometimes. The error that mantle gives me is on the screenshot attached.


The problem appeared one time I turned the game into windowed mode(alt+enter), when i had it on fullscreen i have no problems. And now the game starts always in windowed mode, i don't know how to start it in fullscreen. I've tryed to reinstall the game but no solution. The temporaly fix i can guess is to start it always in fullscreen. My question is: is there any command to start the game in fullscreen?


Origin and amd setting program also crash.


I have the latest 17.3.1 drivers and all other drivers up to date. I'm also in the windows 10 insider program, latest build 15048.


My pc:

i5 6600k

Asrock z170 pro4s

8gb ddr4 kingstone hyper x fury 2133mhz cl14

Saphire radeon rx 480 nitro+ OC