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RX 460 not recognized on 2012 HP P6-2220t (Win 7)

Question asked by brianalex on Mar 9, 2017
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Hi all. This machine has a Foxconn 2abf motherboard (H61 chip) BIOS CU3_705.rom v7.05. This is the "Cupertino-3" MB from mid-2012 (seems like just yesterday).

  Anyway, I got no beeps, nada. I have heard that newer cards will not work on these early UEFI boards with a BIOS version below 8. If it was ordered with Windows 8, it would have had the ver.8 with safe-boot etc. This one does not have safe boot but it shows UEFI and legacy boot options in the boot priority section.

HP never offered an update to this BIOS (UEFI).

I did get a Radeon R7-260x to work fine, but no luck with RX 460 (or GTX 750i for that matter). Currently stuck with an HD 6670.

Short of replacing the MB, any ideas for getting this card to work?


       Win.7, i5-3570, 8GB DDR3, EVO 256 SSD.      Thanks! Brian