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    Need help with error 1603.


      I just got the new drivers but when I tried to to download it it kept on saying error 1603. If anyone could help that would be very useful.


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          What OS are you using? And when you say you 'got' the new drivers, what does that mean? Because then you say you get an error when you try to download.

          check this out in the meantime = https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/834484/you-receive-an-error-1603-a-fatal-error-occurred-during-installation-err…

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            are you installing the driver from windows update or amd.com?

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                I have the same problem also with 17.2.1, 17.3.1 and 17.3.2 - at the end of the installation process I get the 1603 error message.


                I have tried following the Knowledge base article here Error 1603 – A General Error Has Occurred During the Installation of the AMD Software Package - but nothing worked.

                   I uninstalled using AMD cleanup utility and reinstalled and when this didn't work I used DDU - again - no improvment.

                The effects I suffer seems to be flickering textures - ESO's plats are hard flickering, ME Andromeda has the hair textures flicker (although less noticeably then the plats in ESO) and in other games I have yet to find effects but only tested it also on Starcraft II, Dishonored 2 and Fallout shelter.


                This is my system:


                • Sapphire Dual-X R9-270
                • Dell XPS 8300
                • Windows 10 64bit
                • Driver version installed - Currently Crimson edition (no ReLive) 17.3.2
                • Display Devices
                  • Dell 2709W 1920x1200 @60Hz HDMI adapter
                • Motherboard
                  • What came in with the XPS 8300
                • CPU/APU
                  • Intel i7 2600 3.4 GHz
                • Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage
                  • Unknown
                • RAM
                  • 8Gb DDR3
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                    I have an update.


                    After replying to this post I looked through other 1603 posts - it seems there are a lot of people encountering this error - and I wanted to try something one person said helped.

                    For that I had to clean everything again and I used DDU.

                    To my surprise I suddenly got a notification from Windows saying there were updates it couldn't install. I looked and it was AMD driver updates.

                    I decided to try installing those and it worked - clean install and I now have Radeon Crimoson 16.6 version running. Most importantly - all the effects of the bad installs are gone.

                    I'm reluctant to try and install 17.3.2 or any other version until I know how to avoid the previous problems.

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                  simply use DDU before u install new drivers

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                    what is your board and cpu and gpu


                    i can tell some HD 7XXX and even 8XXX have probs with new driver // if u have one of those cards (NOT 7850/7870/7950/7970) then use LEGACY Driver

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                      found your specs - sry im lazy today


                      "did u try turning it off and on again?" -> SAVE ALL YOUR DATA on external -> fresh clean install of Win10 (fast format should be ok) -> install all drivers - AMD Crimson at last -> if still fails again fresh install and install AMD Crimson AFTER MoBo Drivers -> if still fails: install AMD Driver first


                      ps some mobo drivers can used from win7 if you dont get win10 drivers

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                          i have amd 7970

                          asus p8z77 WS

                          i7 2700K 3.5 - 2 Generation

                          Crimson Edition 16.11.5 Hotfix This is the latest version that works (Any newer version gets an installation error)

                          I've formatted the computer several times and tried several times to install, it's not the problem

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                              Hi there. I am experiencing the same issue.

                              Error 1603. I have been using r9 280x for past year and whenever I tried to update drivers I was getting error 1603 notification. I have reinstalled win 10 last week, including formating harddrives and error 1603 again.  ***?

                              Yesterday I have bought r9 380x. At first I have updated drivers using Windows, but the drivers installed by windows were outdated and without relive, so I have tried to update them and .... again Error 1603. ***?

                              Nothing seems to work for me.


                              BTW. I have replaced the motherboard too and now I am using new MSI b150 PC MATE.


                              So after several fresh windows instalations, changing of motherboard, changing of GPU, I am unable to install latest drivers correctly....


                              ... I am seriously thinking about sending my AMD GPU back and get nVidia, which honestly looks like easiest solution...

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                                Thats some pretty outdated hardware, could be because it is so old that it is no longer supported, its not just the software that makes a card work better something in the gpu or cpu may not work correctly with the new drivers, anyways  try turning off your antivirus. my wife's R9 270 had the same issue at one time and that solved it, otherwise try contacting customer care, everything known to solve this issue easily is at Error 1603 – A General Error Has Occurred During the Installation of the AMD Software Package ,this is the official AMD support page, if you haven't gone thru all of these steps, including contacting Customer care then you may find the solution.

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                              Have you checked the installation log of what file caused it? I had the HDMI driver failed and i reinstalled it from device manager and it seemed to fix it, for now at least.

                              Have had this issue once or twice times before and it is annoying, but has not affected any of my gameplay experience, mainly chrome has crashed couple times.

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                                I had this same problem for months  after a fresh install of Windows 7 64. The solution is to use the DDU tool but then also manually delete the c:\amd folder and all of its contents. Restart the computer and install the latest driver.

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                                  For those who are saying that the components are too old and that`s might be the problem i can proof that its clearly wrong. I have a rx 460  and i was using the last AMD drivers with no problems at windows 10, but yesterday i just formatted my computer and installed windows 7 and guess what? I`m having the 1603 error when i try to install the last driver from relive.

                                  So, i think that old components isn`t the problem here.

                                  PS : my mobo bios last update is from 2011 so, i think you guys are wrong.

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                                    I have been having his issue for a long time until today I did this and it solved the issue completely..

                                    1. Use 'AMDcleanuputility' to uninstall all the softwares fully, of course I was having only one driver that is my gfx driver.

                                    2. Then uninstall those 'AMD Settings' and 'Application profiles' or other drivers with AMD sign with 'Revo uninstaller' with full advanced scanning mode and delete every single values and keys, In case u don't have any idea of what I'm saying follow the following steps -

                                    2. Download 'Revo Uninstaller' and then right click on 'AMD Settings' and 'Application profiles' or other programs of AMD and uninstall it whenever they ask for restart cancel it or click on restart later tab.

                                    3. Then in the scanning mode click on 'advanced mode' and let it scan,

                                    4. Then u will find out the keys and values deleter every single Bold lettered vales and folders 'but not the other folders with windows sign'. It will take some time for u to patiently deleter every single of those and finish it. U will no longer see those programs in the uninstall list.

                                    5. And last restart windows and clean install the gfx driver and u should have no problem....

                                    At least it fixed for me.. Worth giving it a try.

                                    And yeah deleting those registry keys are really important cz those are the things which cause that error..