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hdmi to hdmi rx460 to tv bad quality

Question asked by cyrbut on Mar 8, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2017 by quace

hi guys. problem with connect rx460 to hdtv via hdmi-to-hdmi cable.

driver - latest 17/3/1

tv - thomson t42e04dhu 01b

tv is full hd, you can check it. without interpolation

trouble - of full hd resolution image is bad with poor colors and not high difinition like resolution is smaller.

i used to trubleshooting-

1 - tv overscale is off it works but not good anyway

2 - tv sharpness is 0 it works but not good anyway

3 - changed pixel ratio on driver to 4-4-4 rgb full it works etc

4 - changed freq 50 60 and 59 not works

5 - if i uninstall drivers and works on windows 7 native graph driver it is good picture is dot to dot and with good colors, but i cant play games

help me