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Please compete with the Intel NUC

Question asked by azgold on Mar 8, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2017 by e8hffff

I have an Intel NUC, I like it a lot, but I hate the integrated graphics. Intel won't partner with anyone, they see the NUC as their thing.


AMD are the only people who can take mini-ITX computing to Intel and stop them forcing their crappy integrated graphics on everyone. Please make the most powerful micro-ITX computer in the world.


You will soon be making laptop chips for Ryzen. You already make the rx480m graphics card.


It cannot be beyond the wit of man, to put a 4/4 core 28W ryzen chip on a mini ITX board, and instead of putting a 2.5" drive bay that few use under it (most just use the m2 slot for storage), stack an RX480m 35W laptop graphics card under it. Make it bare bones if you like, or sell it as a console killer. The CPU and GPU could face each other to share cooling in a delicious AMD sandwich.


If you make this, please send me a free one for giving you the idea. :-)


Anyway, I love tiny computers, please help keep Intel honest. You are doing a great job with Ryzen and Vega (keeping nVidia honest). I'd love to see you go after their micro PC market and make something awesome.


Fond regards, from the UK.