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Budget Dedicated Streaming Rig help

Question asked by tymkoijn1 on Mar 9, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2017 by tymkoijn1

Hi everyone,

     I am working on kinda a strange project right now, I am trying to build a rig that is just a dedicated streaming PC, with maybe some light editing, but I am on an extreme budget, I have an FX 6300 that I will be using and  a power supply, 1 TB HDD,   and case that I can use, but I am stuck trying to find a MoBo and Graphics card to use. memory is kind of an issue so it really depends on the mobo, Most of the builders online build either intel or streaming/gaming builds so I am having trouble figuring out what graphics card I will really need. and before there are about 20 comments about changing the CPU and going with a Ryzen build I repeat this is an extreme budget build, I am on minimum wage, I am trying to use parts I already have. sorry for the grammar errors am just righting this quickly. Please help.