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ReLive audio sync problems with variable framerate

Question asked by unacomn on Mar 8, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2017 by mdalda

Hello folks,


I recently got a Radeon RX 480, I'm happy with it, but the Radeon ReLive software has some issues. My main one is that the audio and video are out of sync when recording from games that don't have a constant framerate. If it fluctuates, it seems that sync issues appear, with the audio and video not coinciding. At first I thought this was a resource usage issue, with the recording skipping if intensive load times occur, but the sync problems even happened if the game enters a menu, where the framerate was higher than in-game. Locking things at 60 helps, but when a game dips below that things still get squirrly.


Is there any fix for this, or is it at least on the radar of the developers as a possible improvement? It would also be nice if the overlay of ReLive was a bit more consistent, with it not working in certain conditions, like when some games are set in full screen. Up until now I was using Shadowplay on a GTX 750, and it had issues with recording sometimes too, but the audio sync issue wasn't one of them, and I'd really like for ReLive to work well enough so that I don't have to get a third party recording software.


If you need me to provide samples of the desync, let me know, I'll record some video of the bug in question.