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Bought AM3+  1 year ago...

Question asked by nunosantosqf on Mar 8, 2017
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I bought a M5A97 R2.0 am3+ mobo 1 year ago, and now I discovered that the new ryzen cpus need am4. I paid 70 euros + 95 euros (amd cpu) for something to become obsolete in less than a year ? Let's be real here for a moment, the AMD CPU are bad, an I3-6100 is 20 euros more and is almost 2x better than a fx-6300, but I still went for AMD  for future upgrades because I believed in them (which I was right! With new Ryzen it looks very promising). But now this? I kinda feel ripped off, and honestly, a little dissapointed. If something is going to be absolete, atleast drop the prices by a large ammount to prevent this from happening... Im not rich, and we don't know the prices for mid range Ryzen, but having to buy the CPU + Mobo AGAIN (more 100€), I don't know... Is there any policy to help AMD users upgrade to am4 ? Specially the ones who are "late" buyers of am3+ ?  For example, I give my am3+ and I get a discount or something like that. If not, with intel probably decreasing prices, aren't they a better choice for mid range PC's?

I'm sorry, I value my money alot and I just feel I completed wasted it...