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    Bought AM3+  1 year ago...



      I bought a M5A97 R2.0 am3+ mobo 1 year ago, and now I discovered that the new ryzen cpus need am4. I paid 70 euros + 95 euros (amd cpu) for something to become obsolete in less than a year ? Let's be real here for a moment, the AMD CPU are bad, an I3-6100 is 20 euros more and is almost 2x better than a fx-6300, but I still went for AMD  for future upgrades because I believed in them (which I was right! With new Ryzen it looks very promising). But now this? I kinda feel ripped off, and honestly, a little dissapointed. If something is going to be absolete, atleast drop the prices by a large ammount to prevent this from happening... Im not rich, and we don't know the prices for mid range Ryzen, but having to buy the CPU + Mobo AGAIN (more 100€), I don't know... Is there any policy to help AMD users upgrade to am4 ? Specially the ones who are "late" buyers of am3+ ?  For example, I give my am3+ and I get a discount or something like that. If not, with intel probably decreasing prices, aren't they a better choice for mid range PC's?

      I'm sorry, I value my money alot and I just feel I completed wasted it...

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          Thank you for your feedback.


          However, we do not manufacture motherboards, therefore any discount/rebate offer would have to come from the motherboard manufacturer themselves.


          On the other hand, the fact that Ryzen would be based on a new AM4 chipset was not kept a secret.

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              Thanks for the response.

              The store employee who sold me the mobo + cpu at the time said it should be good for quite a while (I assumed a few years). I got both of products in 31/12/2015 (let's make it 1/1/2016 for convinience), maybe there wasn't much hype about it at that time (I live in Portugal btw), as I only got the word of the new CPU's about a month or two ago.


              I'm sorry, I thought mobo's were of the responsability of the brands aswell, since when buying them I have Intel or AMD as an option.

              I just got really frustrated for spending a huge ammount of money just to upgrade things again.  I know the Mid tier ryzens are coming aswell but I'm afraid they'll be expensive. I could drop with ALOT of effort 200€ for a processor, but 200€ + 100€ for motherboard it's impossible.

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              Hello nunosantosqf,


              Please allow me to be frank, the choice of AMD AM3+ in recently days, or one year ago, is not a smart choice, when comparing with Intel products. But the choice was done more than one year ago for you. So there is no way to turning back! But please do not be so sad about your yesterday's choice, because it is not the best timing to upgrade to Ryzen platform, because it is just newly coming, in other words, there might be some unknown problems would accompany this newly coming processors, especially for the compatibility problems and the high price. So you can calm down yourself right now, just enjoy your AM3+ platform for one year or around. Then The AMD Ryzen products would become riper and ready for everyone rather than few enthusiasts and system evaluators.


              DDR3 memory system should have been written into the history years ago, so it is not likely that AMD would do some efforts to bring those new products onto the AM3+ platform. I have used many generations of computers since 1996, and spent too a lot too, some are stupid and disappointed; some are smart and clever. No matter what they are really, they just fulfilled my passed, and coloured my life too. AM3+ and Bulldozer platform is a quite special design from AMD, even though its performance is not that great, but its unique style is quite more charming than all other chips including the ones from Intel and AMD Ryzen. Treasure everything that possessed is much better than eager for something on the shelves but needing money to spent.


              Anyway, I wish you good luck! And I also wish you become mastering in selecting your proper computers in the proper timing. Good luck!


              Best Regards,

              Aaron Janagewen

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                Pathetic...your setup is definitely not obsolete...why in the world would you say that?  intel over the last 5 years has released at least 3 different sockets...


                what do you need from your relatively inexpensive setup?  buy a new video card and more ram, SSD drive, and be happy with your computer for the next 3 to 5 years...at that point we will be on AM5...