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Ryzen Flight Simulator or Prepar3d Performance

Question asked by meqira on Mar 8, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2017 by rowdy739

Hi everyone,
I've been looking for new cpu for flight simulator since months. Amd's new cpu just released so i really need a help about cpu for fsx. There are a lot of users who released tests about Ryzen but all of them about GTA5, Battlefield1 or benchmarks. I wanna buy 1800x but i saw on videos that 7700k has more single thread performance(i hope Ryzen has more) but 1800x has 8 more thread. Fsx engine about pmg. and jpeg. textures maybe Ryzen'll get more performance about it, but i can not be sure. We really need a test about Fsx with few addons.I wanna be sure before buy it because FSX is really cancer. Now im asking for the users who have Ryzen 1800x or 1700x. Can they test Fsx's frame rate with PMDG 737-800's virtual cocpit , Real Xtreme Environment and with any HD scenery addons. Thanks all.