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    Ryzen Flight Simulator or Prepar3d Performance


      Hi everyone,
      I've been looking for new cpu for flight simulator since months. Amd's new cpu just released so i really need a help about cpu for fsx. There are a lot of users who released tests about Ryzen but all of them about GTA5, Battlefield1 or benchmarks. I wanna buy 1800x but i saw on videos that 7700k has more single thread performance(i hope Ryzen has more) but 1800x has 8 more thread. Fsx engine about pmg. and jpeg. textures maybe Ryzen'll get more performance about it, but i can not be sure. We really need a test about Fsx with few addons.I wanna be sure before buy it because FSX is really cancer. Now im asking for the users who have Ryzen 1800x or 1700x. Can they test Fsx's frame rate with PMDG 737-800's virtual cocpit , Real Xtreme Environment and with any HD scenery addons. Thanks all.

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          Just got a 1800X..  Will test FSX in the next 3 - 4 days and report back.

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              Last week i got my 1800x, but lost all of my addons. I've been busy with tweaks, addons and ofc with bios since a week. I'm almost ready for the test. If you are not interested in flight simulator, do not make urself feel tired. But thanks a lot.

              I only got few screenshots in fsx and it's look great. There is no tweak except affinity mask, but i think that i should select 2nd core for fsx affintymask will be better with 65534. All settings maximum. Resolutions 1080p. Cpu 3.6ghz there is no oc and turbo core disabled, DRAM works 2133mhz cuz of bios problem. PMDG 737 VC on 2nd image.




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              AMD Ryzen 1800x= 3.6Ghz, Turbo disable.

              Dram= 2133mhz

              AMD R9 290 Trix OC= 8xEQ, 16x AF, All filters High Quality (super sampling etc.) Shader Cache On, OpenGL On.

              Addons: PMDG 737, Taxi2Gate-LTBA, FTX Global, Rex 4 with Soft Clouds.
              FSX Cfg.( This options for best looking not for performance) (I think we'll be really fine with 4.1 ghz if enable turbo and 3.2ghz dram)
















              With those graphics still Cpu usage %25-45 Still you can play other games while going far


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                is it worth for fsx if i playing with bunch of addons? thanks

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                  Sorry guys, i did mistake by using 8xEQ. If there is a lot of autogen like buildings etc. it's really decreases fps. I did not notice that so i got some new screenshots with 4xAA. I disabled anti-aliasing on last 2 screenshots. If you have high end gpu you'll get more fps. FSX has good looking with addons, but there is some problem about memory. This game 32bit and can not use memory more than 2.3-2.6 gb. I advice for prepar3d which game has more optimization. Now they talking about that they'll release 64 bit patch for it. When you flight between photorealistic sceneries, FSX crashes cuz of OOM error. I wish i could record a video but i can not upload them with my poor connection. If i record, i'll upload them by using connection of my school.



                  Maximum settings with 4xAA (non 8xEQ) and TurboBoost disabled, No oc, 3.6ghz. 2133mhz memory. I still have bios problem. Fps not stable like on pic but min fps 17-18 and it's really smooth with cam addons. Average about 22fps in a minute around LTBA.


                  For aksoamaral's request. (4xAA other settings as on pics)






                  Settings are same but AA and AF disabled


                  Note: (Some of my friend said he get really low fps in Taxi2Gate's LTBA with low settings and with his 4790k)

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                      much apreciated, thank so much, it appears ir will work great on p3d!

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                        Holy Crapola Batman!!!!


                        A solid 20FPS with all those addons and traffic and you have an R9 290?!?!


                        The fact that I am also a musician/producer/production executive and need extra threads much like video production alongside your performance is the nail in the Coffin.


                        Sorry 7700K and 1080, but you're mother and I have decided to end our close relationship. In life, things happen and with that comes change. I now have made my mind to finally go back to Team Red and start seeing a wonderful new girl named Ryzen. I know, I know, she's only 18, but she's really sweet and will work very well with her new friend named Strix 1080 Ti.


                        Oh boy oh boy

                        Ryzen 1800X

                        Asus Crosshair IV

                        Asus Strix GTX 1080Ti

                        64GB DDR4 Dominator 3200hz

                        Samsung 960Pro 256GB nVME (X2 )


                        I'll tell yah, if Prepar3D can finally give me a solid 25FPS with all settings maxed at 4K and 4XSGSSAA...I think I could call that as close to heaven that I've ever been.


                        And I can do my music production on the same rig?? Get out of here!!


                        I will say that X-Plane 11 does have phenomenal visuals that are years (literally) ahead of Prepar3D, my undying hope for Prepar3D to finally get on the 64-bit boat still has me going after that goal. My problem with X-plane 11 is the way it FEELS. Prepar3D gives a much more realistic feeling in regards to control interfaces that are used. I don't have the cash to drop $1,000's of dollars on quality interfaces, so I will stay heavy on my addons for now.


                        Lockheed better hustle, X-plane doesn't need much more. The items I see that are needed are a REX4 style weather engine/cloud graphic template, Snow textures (***, SNOW TEXTURES?! Yup.) and a realistic traffic enviornment. That's already in the works...for once I get to see the companies compete as opposed to me competing with my computer LOL




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                        I got some new screenshots from p3d v3.4. I tried to record video with fraps but had some problem and it's my exam week, so i didn't try hard to fix that problem. I can easily say that i get high performance with p3d. Did not try a lot of tweak, scenery settings full like before. Lod radius 6.5 and affinity mask 65532. and i've learned that i need a ssd for larger sceneries. Anyway.

                        My addons:

                        PMDG 737, FTX global, vector and openlc Europe, Taxi2Gate LTBA.

                        Cpu still 3.6ghz, not stable and perfect but i use dram with 3200mhz with new bios update.

                        ScreenShots from LTBA-LTAC.


                        LTBA takeoff;



                        5 min away from LTBA


                        Cruise spot view


                        LTAC landing with FTX Vector Lights


                        And few ss' from day time



                        And this is my new wallpaper


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                          Man, anyone have to get a R5 =/

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                            I'm looking at building a system for flight simming and am interested in further discussions of Ryzen and Prepar3D or Flight Simulator... thanks!