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ReLive sound offset/ends early

Question asked by coppyhop on Mar 7, 2017

So ever since ReLive came out, the sound has been off. It's all synced up in the beginning of the video, but the sound ALWAYS ends early (proportional to how long the video is) an example of this is shown in this video: ReLive plz - YouTube (In the beginning playing the song is almost perfectly synced, but throughout as I pause it, the sound pauses at different times, earlier than the video usually)


Things I've tried:

-16bit/24bit audio

-44.1 Khz/48Khz/96Khz

-Differing Bitrates


Sound is provided by a Sound Blaster Audigy SE



Sapphire Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition

Xeon X5460


Sound Blaster Audigy SE (Motherboard has no integrated sound)


I had hoped that updates would fix this issue, but alas, they have not.