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    R9 380 slow on certain boots (any OS)



      MSI RADEON R9 380 Gaming G2 BIOS TV314MH.201

      Intel Core i5 4460

      Gigabtye GAH97MHD3

      Crucial 2x8GB DDR3

      Cooler Master VS V450S


      Screens (tested with both separately):

      Philips BDM4065UC (3840*2048)

      BenQ G2400WD (1920*1200)


      OS (issue happens on all):

      Windows 7

      Arch Linux



      Usually when I boot up my system it goes really slow. The windows bootloader screen takes a few seconds to appear on the screen (loading from top to bottom). I usually reboot at this point which somehow makes it a bit faster again, but if I start up windows it will be unbearably slow. Trying to draw a selection box on the desktop freezes the system for multiple seconds. Starting a 3d game will work, but it will have incredibly low fps and the system will feel generally unstable.


      Rebooting the system a few times and only going into Windows when the bootloader screen loads instantly, gives me a workable system. But I still get weird ~5 second periods of low fps in games like Overwatch and Street Fighter 5. These games crash weirdly sometimes.


      I know this isn't a Windows issue either, because I dual boot into Arch Linux. If I boot into Linux when the bootloader is fast, I rarely have problems. But if I just boot into Linux straight away I also get low fps in games and stuttering video.


      I know this is a graphics card problem, because if I use the internal GPU from the i5 instead, I get a blazingly fast system every time. I also know this isn't a power supply problem, because starting something graphically intense doesn't cause extra problems. It's also not a problem with either OS or drivers, because even the bootloader screens en bios screens are slow on certain boots.


      Is there any fix for this? Are there any more tests I should do to find out if this card is faulty? Thanks