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OMG, AMD driver files takes up more than 12GB disk space!!!

Question asked by ssawgift on Mar 7, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2017 by ssawgift

Yesterday I suddenly found that my system drive is running low on disk space with only 10GB free. I was very surprised and examined folders in C:\Windows and found that files in C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository takes up nearly 17GB. That's not normal. After more examination, I found the culprit:


C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository>dir c03*

2016/08/03  12:02    <DIR>          c0303160.inf_amd64_b6f2606f507765bd

2016/08/03  12:02    <DIR>          c0304296.inf_amd64_807411651905956d

2016/08/03  12:02    <DIR>          c0305076.inf_amd64_7ad14902edbf29fc

2016/09/24  11:23    <DIR>          c0307101.inf_amd64_4e33c7b9edea4480

2016/10/06  17:16    <DIR>          c0307329.inf_amd64_55b6bd3e40065979

2016/10/24  02:13    <DIR>          c0308000.inf_amd64_ec35706f0b87e751

2016/10/29  17:56    <DIR>          c0308178.inf_amd64_7bd007391790106e

2016/11/05  03:28    <DIR>          c0308481.inf_amd64_455f80db536b01a9

2016/11/06  02:11    <DIR>          c0308528.inf_amd64_a2b44dc88890e31a

2016/11/10  17:38    <DIR>          c0308653.inf_amd64_3dbf29f4a4290d9d

2016/11/18  03:11    <DIR>          c0308829.inf_amd64_710d0aa1ca0ea9e0

2016/11/29  13:38    <DIR>          c0309114.inf_amd64_9133a0f6cb9c56bb

2016/12/09  10:30    <DIR>          c0309270.inf_amd64_47c09dd18e1ee4c5

2016/12/21  17:10    <DIR>          c0309792.inf_amd64_16fba8c07200efae

2017/02/01  00:51    <DIR>          c0310011.inf_amd64_7c21aa033b961c28

2017/01/31  23:49    <DIR>          c0310791.inf_amd64_1a41492ddaa53f63

2017/02/24  02:47    <DIR>          c0311199.inf_amd64_71ef621a77f87d8c

2017/03/07  14:20    <DIR>          c0311795.inf_amd64_24774320b803c7ec


These folders takes up around 12.5GB space! amd.PNG

After examining the subdirectories and files, I found out these files were installed by AMD GPU drivers.


It seems the driver installation program did not remove old packages when installing new versions of drivers. From the dates of folders, these files have been accumulated since 8/3/2016.


Now I want to remove these junk old files, but Windows Explore does not let me delete them easily. Any ideas on this?


BTW, I'm very disappointed at this finding out.