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Repetitive Crossfire Stutter - Frame Time Analysis Included, how do I resolve?

Question asked by zefeh on Mar 7, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2017 by zefeh

I have 2 different brand RX 480s

XFX GTR edition

Sapphire Nitro + OC edition


Both cards have the exact same Overclock at 1342Mhz on the core and 2100Mhz on the memory.

I've uninstalled/reinstalled drivers about 3 times now and I am consistently getting the same results.  I opened up World of Warcraft (I've noticed this issue in 3D Mark Firestrike as well so it's not game dependent).


I used FRAPS to 'benchmark' and log frame times and logged my GPU Core Speed and Memory Speed using GPUZ while doing a consistent running path in World of Warcraft and noticed constant repetitive drops in FPS - happening almost always at the same interval.


After comparing the data I noticed my Sapphire card drops its memory Frequency to 300Mhz EVERY time  the fps drop happens.  This is not noticeable unless logging GPU stats every 0.1 second.  I've attached a screenshot of this case and it repeats throughout the run.  Meanwhile, my XFX card simply sits at max Memory speed and never drops.


How do I force my 2nd GPU to stay active during this short millisecond time-frame? Would this require a custom BIOS modification to memory timings or something?

Please help!