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Do you feel your rx 460 is underperforming?

Question asked by ibanggpu on Mar 7, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2017 by ibanggpu

Whenever I see gpu benchmarks for the rx 460 it lists crazy stuff like that it can run overwatch at 90 fps on high settings 100% render scale when  mine can barely break 100 fps during gameplay on low settings and on 890p(83% render scale) and my cpu is not bottlenecking my rx 460 4gb.


On 1080p(100% render scale) it struggles to attain 70fps and spikes from 50-80


overwatch doesnt use much vram, only 500mb is being used on all low.


Makes me sad because I have a 144hz monitor that is not even being utilized even on the lowest visual settings of a game that is not very gpu intensive.


another question: Would upgrading to the rx 470(The 480 is too big for my case) help me attain 144+ fps on 1080p on all low visual settings? Assume I use an amd fx 8300 processor.


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