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R9 290 not detected randomly

Question asked by kryostat on Mar 7, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2017 by redfury

My Sapphire r9 290 reference card has never been overclocked and has been operating for 3-ish years without any problems. Suddenly about a month ago both my monitors would go black and audio will continue to play properly.


On restart, the video card will not output anything, motherboard or teamviewer can still be used to access the computer. When checking device manager, the R9 290 is not detected. In order to fix the problem I have tried reapplying thermal paste, reseating the card and using different PCIE slots. Performing these tasks seem to randomly fix the problem. I have had consistent luck fixing the problem by simply " pushing " or adjusting the card slightly on the board but the problem has always come back over time. The problem probably has something to do with the PCIE connection? (That is my guess)


I have tried multiple different versions of drivers, and have used DDU as well as the official driver uninstaller but the problem still persists. The card will work for between 30 mins to 48 hours randomly.


I have tried the card in other systems but it has similar problems.


On physical examination, the card " seems " to be okay however when sitting in the PCIE slots, it seems to be able to shift heavily to one side ( not sure if that is normal ).

Has anyone else experienced something similar?



Any help would be appreciated otherwise I may just have to live without a graphics card until Vega is released!


Edit : Failures occur randomly, on desktop without load, in games under load. I have never seen the card exceed safe temperatures, (without load ~32 celcius, with load max~80)


System specs :


Asus Z87 Pro
8GB DDR3 G-skill  2x4 GB
Sapphire R9 290, 4GB, 512-bit GDD