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    amd rx 460 4gig wont detect my vga to dvi-d monitor. vga to hdmi also did not work


      I recently upgraded from an XFX HD 7700 to an XFX AMD rx 460 4gig. It works great for my hd tv, but my LED AOC vga isn't working with it. First, I tried a vga to hdmi converter with it and it didn't work. My HD tv has a gold hdmi connector and it works great, but I would love to use my LED monitor for my main. I had to purchase a dvi-d converter to replace my dvi-i converter from my old gpu. Still doesn't work. Since the hdmi converter doesn't work with the monitor (but works elsewhere) and the dvi-d doesn't work either, I feel I'm missing something in settings that might fix it.


      Monitor is vga, the vga to hdmi converter works with other pcs, but not with the xfx amd rx 460 4gig. The dvi-d converter has yet to be tested (there isn't another dvi-d to test it on).

      My TV works fine with its better hdmi cable.

      My computer (win 10) doesn't detect my vga to dvi-d monitor.


      Thank you!