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    Is there any information regarding Project Quantum?


      Hey. As the title says i am curious if we will ever see a release of AMD's own Project Quantum?

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          Hey pascalizer,


          The only information or should I say "teaser news" in regards to Project Quantum that I've heard of any time recently was Project Quantum made an appearance in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided after a holiday update late 2016. In Adam Jensen's apartment early in the game, Project Quantum was suddenly on his desk where it wasn't previously, along with what appeared to be a an AM4 motherboard and Wraith cooler. Other than that, I don't believe that there's been any other information or teasers. Sorry to say that's about as good as the current Project Quantum information gets, wish it was juicier.


          Either way, considering Eidos Montreal would require AMD's approval and/or guidance to do such a thing, one has to assume that it's still on the agenda, but when is the true question. Considering the multitude of component releases AMD has on its plate, it's unlikely that Project Quantum will make an appearance any sooner than Vega and if it does, it will probably be similar to its original unveiling taking a back seat to the company's more mass production segment products once again.


          Here's crossing our fingers for more information though, because although I likely wouldn't buy one since I build my own high end custom gaming PC's, I can't say it didn't look amazing, as well as incredibly tempting.


          Project Quantum Deus Ex.png

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