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How to set for R7 M360 command on the games?

Question asked by matheusfernandes on Mar 5, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2017 by matheusfernandes

Hi everyone


I have a problem in my computer, I have already asked to HP Support and noone helped me.


My notebook has two display adapters.

- AMD Radeon R5 Graphics - 1024mb

- AMD Radeon R7 M360 - 2048mb


The problem is when I use the notebook for games, the games just recognize the R5 graphics, so I can not use the high performance. I would like to set to when I start a game, the R7 command automatically.


Exemple: Now I am playing GTAV (Grand Theft Auto 5) and the game just recognise 1024mb of graphics memory.


When I use the AMD System Control programme, for my surprise it shows me that the GPU of my graphics stay fixed in 0% of utilization, when they should move up constantly.


I have already uptade all the drivers and BIOS, and the HP support have done a test to see if the problem is Hardware, but it is not.


Please can anyone help me?