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    Drivers keep crashing even after running through the troubleshooting stesp


      I play eve online, when playing the game after a short period of time everything will stop the screen will go black and reset with an error message stating that the drivers had an unexpected error and had to restart. I tried cleaning out all drivers and reinstalling, pulling out and re-seating the card and checked temperatures and made sure it wasn't over clocked or overheating. I don't know what else to do and its not getting better.


      My computer specs are as follows;


      Gigabyte M68Mt-S2 mother board

      AMD Phenom II x4 925 CPU

      8gb of ram

      Ati radeon RX 460 upgraded from a Ati radeon 5570HD

      exga modular 700 watt power supply


      Other issues i've noticed is the card artifacting on higher settings as well as artifacting on web pages.


      I'm really hoping that the card isn't busted