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    R9-290X idle clock speeds not correct ?


      I am wondering why with certain drivers the idle clockspeeds of the memory stay at 1250 MHz , while in other drivers it does come down to 150 Mhz in idle.

      Can amd please FIX this once and for all and remember to keep it fixed in future driver releases ?


      This little hickup has been returning every other new crimson driver and it's getting boring. The non idle memspeeds keep the card hot in idle not mentioning the electricity bill which amd does not have to care about, i'm sure. But i do , so please fix it so that your marvelous energy savings actually work like they can and do when some drivers can get it correct, the latest in any case does not get it right. that is crimson 17.2.1.  Bad driver if it keeps my idle memclock at full speeds of 1250 MHz.  The card has 3 monitors connected , hd pannels, 1 on displayport, 1 on hdmi and 1 on dvi. The monitors should not matter because they have allways been connected and some drivers keep the idle clock speed up when other drivers don't. Makes it a driver problem imho.