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Why troll polaris overclockers

Question asked by ghoul on Mar 5, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2017 by ibanggpu

First off, I don't see how overclockers can possibly be bad for business, the best of us display your merchandise overachieving, the worst of us break your stuff and buy more of it.


Been an AMD user/fanboy as long as I can remember, as long as the brand exists pretty much, I had everything from your 1990's mach chips until todays polaris chips, been a pc enthusiast since the commodor 64 era. Next purchase will probably be my first nvidia simply because you went from 100% cool and open source to 100% trolling overclockers.


Let's be honest, that polaris chip can barely keep up with grandpa's GTX970, nvidia is lightyears ahead with 1070's & 1080's. Overclockers got your RX 470's & 480's running at close to advertised GTX980 speeds. Then you prevented us from overclocking it unless we flash custom roms on it, so we did. Now you put new drivers out which effectively prevent custom rom cards from working, why?

Here's what it achieves : Life long AMD buyer does a driver update, gpu doesn't work anymore, installs 10 drivers, reinstalls windows, reinstalls 3 different version of windows, takes his pc apart twice, finds out he's been royally trolled by his favorite hardware company and flashes the RX40's stock rom back. Next up : Work around this nonsense, get my OC working again and probably remember amd ruined my sunday next time i am shopping for gpu's.


Damn thing was working fine for months, why, what's the point of this? Afaik all this does is ruin a bunch of people's day when they decide to do a driver update. Took me 13 hours of troubleshooting to find out there's nothing wrong with my pc, amd just decided to derp my card because I was a naughty boy with a custom rom on it.


I had a pair of 7850's running at 1340mhz core for three years, at one point I had $260 worth of 2012 AMD gpu's beating 2015 $1.000 nvidia titans, I was N°1 on 3Dmark with that setup for years, idk how many mates went from nvidia to amd after seeing me do that, one guy asked me to get him four 7950's and overclock the snot out of them for him. Guys like me prove your stuff is well made, we prove your stuff can take a beating without breaking too much of a sweat. Why not let your heaviest users have fun with your stuff and let them prove your stuff can still keep up with nvidia in the process, it's a clear win/win.


Seriously, stahp it.