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Ryzen 7  Hyper-v core 2012

Question asked by zirkster on Mar 5, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2017 by zirkster

Hi just wondering  has the ryzen 7 chips been to confirmed  to work with server 2012 especially the core version.


From all the reviews and tests and benchmarks done we can see this new architecture is very good with mutlithreaded / multi processor work.


Now personally and within work, we setup a few server as test rigs , allowing to study or test our customers system using hyper-v 2012.


Now we are looking at upgrading very soon our hardware,  and because of the core and multithreading (which seems to work very well).


We could build a nice test rig allowing us to use all the cores across virtual machines, Now currently we use server 2012 core version hyper-v(one it does the job secondly its free).


So we was wondering is the ryzen 7 will run hyper-v 2012 core.


Now before people jump in wait for naples, my budjet if not used will be lost so not an option,

two non ecc ram (though it has been confirmed it can be used is no supported), not system critical.


if i was looking at building an 8 core 16 thread with intel, i would be buying a xeon, with a more expensive motherboard and 50% -80% slower clock speeds per cpu  costing a similar price to the 1800x   while the 1700 still gives a 50% speed inmprovement.


So has anyone has done this kind of test or know if this will work, i know the chip has vritualisation enabled,  its just 2012  is of the same generation as windows 7 and there is discussion that its not fully supported.


I believe their is other free option KVM and so on but has anyone actually tested this, we are not interested in high performance graphics so no gpu passthrough  would be required , just simple server emulation (2008, 2012, 2016 )  and database work.