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NEED HELP: A10-9600p + R7-M440

Question asked by pabloenmieres on Mar 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2017 by baymax199421

Hi, i recentrly bought an HP notebook with amd a10-9600 with integrated R5 GPU and a R7-M440 4gb discrete GPU.

The Notebook came with 16.3.2 version of Crimson software and in the device manager says that the notebook have: R5 and a R8 M445DX (witch i know its dual graphis for R5 (A10-9600p) and R7 (M440)).

I tried to configure Battlefield 1 to get at least 28 or higher FPS but i cant get tjis game work without LAG!

what i want to ask if is there any other driver better because i tried all of the drivers on this page:

but in the last drivers the R8 m445dx became to R7 m340 and with none of them i see any performance.

i configure the game on radeon software with the lowest settings but i thing something is wrong, the drivers of any configuration.

COuld someone help me and tell me why on some drivers i get M340 and another i have R8 445dx and why on none of them i see dual graphics logo or get more than 17 fps?


i had a a10-5750m without discrete GPU before and it can run the game on lowest settings, i dont know why i cant run the game properly now with a similar APU and a discrette card with 4Gb of RAM...


PS. My HP notebook is "HP 15-ba015ns"

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