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Aoc g2460vq6 Freesync option greyed out

Question asked by magingmech on Mar 5, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2017 by redfury

Hello everyone,


I've just bought new Freesync monitor Aoc g2460vq6 and haven't been able to get Freesync to even give me the option to turn it on.


What I have already done:
     - updated to the latest Radeon drivers
     - updated my monitor drivers to freesync drivers
     - set my refresh rate to 75hz
     - connected them using Display port cable

     - set  DP capability of monitor to 1.2 (manual said it is for freesync)


Also, I'm using R9 290X, so it should run freesync.


Any help is appreciated, please!