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    ReLive recording causes Planetside 2 to flicker


      Hello there,


      I am a Planetside 2 player and so far i recorded with raptr/plays.tv


      Now i wanted to test ReLive and it turns out it causes horizontal flickering on my screen - which is NOT in the recording. It usually appears after i tabbed out the first time but sometimes even before. Overlays such as Steam or RTST (a Planetside 2 specific overlay) seem to make it worse but don't cause it (tested it without). Also - which is weird - the problem gets worse when i'm on the map in the game.

      I also tested Tomb Raider and the problem doesn't appear there.


      It looks a bit like this, on the map even worse (not my recording!):

      Horizontal Flickering Lines on Monitor Issue! - YouTube


      As soon as i switch off ReLive recording the problem immediately disappears. Also i've never had this problem ever without ReLive. It doesn't appear in raptr/plays.tv as well - although i have to add that this program doesn't record overlays for some reason. Updating to newer drivers didn't help, have it since ReLive started first.


      Wish i could use it due to the better performance and less fps-loss. I know Planetside 2 is not that common but i hope you guys might be able to help, though.


      A follow-up question: Is there any way to tell ReLive to NOT record overlays? raptr/plays.tv doesn't record them and i have no idea why - but i like it.


      Already reported the problem to AMD.




      My System:

      i5 3470@3,8Ghz

      PowerColor 7870 PCS+ 1,1Ghz

      ASRock Z77 Pro3

      16GB DDR3 1600 Corsair Vengeance LP 1,5V

      Dell U2312HM Monitor 60Hz

      Crimson 17.2.1

      Win10 Pro