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How to debug a SharpGL application

Question asked by dom767 on Mar 4, 2017

Hi there,


I've been developing a raytracing engine using SharpGL for a while, but occasionally after reinitialising my framebuffers I get a black render until I force another reinitilisation.


There's nothing on the getError() call, so I'm looking for a way to get more diagnostics about this issue.


I've tried to use the AMD PerfStudio, but while I can get it to run my application, it won't allow me to select the OpenGL instance for debugging. I've tried to find the Get Started material for PerfStudio, but the help file contains no content, and the website is full of 404s.


Still, I assume this isn't working as I'm using a version of OpenGL wrapped by SharpGL to make it available in .NET...


Anyone have any experience of debugging applications built with SharpGL? Any other simple things I might have missed when trying to get PerfStudio up and running?


Thanks for any help you can give me.





PS Attached a screengrab of when it *is* working, just to prove I'm really doing something.