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    Grim Dawn - Slight FPS Skips


      Not a major issue by any stretch, but I've seen this HWInfo64 tool posted on the forum a few times and thought I might check out a log whilst playing Grim Dawn. Grim Dawn doesn't support Crossfire, and I have a Crimson profile that disables Crossfire for it. Generally it runs nicely between 100-120 FPS @ 2560x1440p, all settings on max. However, occasionally whilst running around in-game, I get a small skips where it isn't panning the screen/camera nicely. As an example, I will be running my character a long a path from say, left to right - and at some point it will be as if the FPS has dropped but glancing at my in-game FPS counter I don't see it. I noticed in the HWInfo64 log, the CPU is at ~99% almost the entire time. Perhaps I have a CPU intensive option enabled, or my CPU just isn't fast enough - which would surprise me a little for this sort of game. Any thoughts appreciated.



      ASUS Strix R9 Fury Direct CU III x 2

      Intel 6700K CPU

      Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4 RAM 8GB 2666Mhz x 4

      ASUS Deluxe Z170 Motherboard

      Desktop PC

      Windows 10 64 Bit

      Crimson 17.2.1

      BenQ XL2730Z x 3 @ 144Hz + Freesync

      BeQuiet! Dark Power Pro 11 850W PSU

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          Yes. I think cause of those stutterings is periodic 100% CPU load for single core.

          Try to limit your FPS somehow ( Vsync or Frame Rate Target Control- Radeon settings>Gaming>Grim Dawn profile)

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            Hello I.S.

            Just like to add this, sometimes game(s) do not see some settings for some reason due to playing in Windowed Full Screen, Full Screen, or Plain Windowed Mode. I have had sporadic issues like this in games and to be honest it's too random ( for me ) so I just gave up trying to figure it out, but I did want to share those random experiences with you. Also as I am sure you probably know, keyboard and mouse connections cause issues at times as well.


            Cheers, Hope this may get you thinking of something else it might be.



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                Thanks for that ambrose. I do run full-screen, not windowed or windowed-full-screen. I believe for FreeSync that is required. I might in fact try disabling FreeSync and see what happens. I'm uncertain that the CPU being used the entire time is causing the skips, unless it is going below 40fps which is when FreeSync will introduce tearing. If that was the case, then surely I would just see tearing, as opposed to a frame jump? What I see feels like the entire game pauses and then jumps ahead to where it should be if the pause hadn't happened (on a very small scale).