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rx 480 8gb terrible performance (minecraft and others) HELP

Question asked by gamer4life22 on Mar 4, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2019 by coreytv

I bought a rx 480 8gb nitro


I cant even ******* run the game above 20 fps...


Drivers are fully up to date in installed them from amd's website.




Mbu: Asus m5a 78 mlx plus

Psu: photon 750 watt

ram: ddr3 1600

Gpu: Rx 480 8gb nitro

CPU:Fx 6100 oc to 3.9ghz


have i over clocked my processor wrong?


Temps stay under 49c for my cpu and gpu.


I also play games like just cause 3 and I play it on medium and the frames drop down to like 40-60


Its not a bottleneck cause I ran a gtx 1050 ssc in here before and it had no issues running these games