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AMD Radeon HD 8790M not working after few days

Question asked by wazerwifle on Mar 4, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2017 by kingfish

Hello, so about a year or so ago my buddy gave me his gaming laptop since my tower died and I needed to get it fixed. Now I don't know fine details about computer specs but it has an AMD Radeon HD 8790M in it along with 8.00 GB of RAM, 64x Bit system, Windows 10, and an I7 4600 2.70 GHz Intel Core CPU in it. So when I got it my buddy had set it up for me so it was like a new pc but with the drivers and all installed. Now he said he could run fairly new games at 60 frames on high settings no problem with it, one being Fallout 4. Well I installed Steam and then Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag on it and then played the game. For the first 2 days it ran beautifully on high settings and I did not notice any low frames. But after 2 days of playing this game, on the third day I had to change it to low settings because my frames dropped. I thought it was a heat issue because its a laptop and the place I had it in didn't really have a good airflow. So I just went about my business. Well I ended up crashing the pc by accident after trying to update the drivers and apparently it's not like other computers and you have to go through a certain way to do it. Well my buddy fixed it for me but I never installed the drivers again because I just didn't know. Well about a week ago my buddy told me and so I installed the correct drivers and the AMD Crimson ReLive stuff so I can edit the settings. It worked fine for the first 2 days again, I could run Payday 2 on high, I could run Assassin's Creed Rouge on high, still couldn't run Fallout 4 like he said but whatever. And then the problem came up again. On the third day it just stopped giving me the performance that it had. But this time I have way better airflow for my laptop so it's not a heating issue. I asked my buddy if he knows what it is and he doesn't even know. He said it worked fine for him and he had no problems. I looked around and couldn't find anything for it. I am now playing Rainbow Six Siege and get 20-30 frames on lowest, however Siege is a CPU intensive game and I don't have the correct Ghz for it but I have all the other specs to run it. I just don't know what is going on. So I decided to come to the forums to ask to see if anyone could help me out and give me instructions in a way I can understand because of my limited knowledge of computers.