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Mac OpenCL driver causes error with Red footage in Premiere Pro CC2017

Question asked by medazzaland on Mar 4, 2017

I know this here is primarily a PC forum, but I wanted to let you know that the current OpenCL driver causes a problem with Premiere Pro CC 2017 (Latest version) on Mac Sierra (10.12.3)

when using Red footage (.R3D files). If you apply effects from their Lumetri color panel the exported file will flicker strangely. Its most visible when using the vignette effect. Ive testet it on two machines (MacBook Pro Late 2013 and MacBook Pro 2016 with Radeon 460 card) . It happens on both machines when using OpenCL . It doesn't happen when I set the render engine to CUDA (only possible on the 2013 Macbook with an NVIDIA card) or "software only" mode. The current OpenCL driver seems to be the culprit. Ive been in contact with Apple and Adobe support over this issue and both suggest the problem would be the OpenCL driver. So if anybody is seeing the same error please let me know. Thank you !