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Latest drivers update problem

Question asked by rinrush on Mar 3, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2017 by kingfish

Hello, yesterday I updated the drivers for my sapphire r7 350 but after doing so I started to notice a very poor perfomance while gaming so I decided to check what was going on only to find that my gpu was having some serious problems. Spikes to 100% and drops to 0% on fan speed, Gpu memory clock, GPU core clock and even on the temperature sometimes, all in matter of seconds.
At first I thought that it could be something related to the drivers not being fully compatible with trixx but after unistalling it and leaving just the crimson software things started to get much worse.
So far i've unistalled trixx leaving just crimson, it makes it worst. Uninstalled crimson leaving just trixx, it improves a bit but not much. Rolling back to the previous drivers using DDU for a clean install, improves quite a bit more but still got spikes and drops. Fresh installing SO and old drivers, no improvemt  here compared to the roll back of drivers.
I could really use some help over here guys, i'm totally out of ideas and starting to freak out.