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    New driver 17.2.1 and Graphics Card 7970m crash


      Hello AMD,

      Translate from Google, because I'm speak Russia and German. I hope you understand me. If you don't understand me, ask me please.


      Yesterday I installed new driver, the laptop restarted and ... 1 minute in Google Chrome surfed and laptop off. Restarted again, again in a minute off. Again restarted and again off.

      Then I started again in 20 minutes and my laptop has started to sound. After 13 signal I tried the laptop off and start safe mode.

      Without chains . Black picture.

      In 20 minutes I started safe mode. Done. Driver I have deleted and graphics card also. Once again started Win10 and old driver installed, but during the installation screen is blocked (hang-up display). Once again started and once again signals heard and again black picture seen, when I tried safe mode started.

      Then in 1 hour I once again safe mode started and Driver with the graphics card deleted. Win10 without graphics card worked well. Then I have yet another driver (from 02.2016) installed. This driver is well installed, but when I restart my laptop, screen in 10 seconds is blocked.

      I have deleted Win10 and reinstalled, but at the final stage screen is blocked.

      Currently I have dead laptop and today try to exchange heatpaste.

      But I think that is problem in the circuit of the graphics card.

      I got this problem as I installed new driver



      16 GB RAM