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New driver 17.2.1 and Graphics Card 7970m crash

Question asked by cerberus73 on Mar 3, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2017 by jalacy

Hello AMD,

Translate from Google, because I'm speak Russia and German. I hope you understand me. If you don't understand me, ask me please.


Yesterday I installed new driver, the laptop restarted and ... 1 minute in Google Chrome surfed and laptop off. Restarted again, again in a minute off. Again restarted and again off.

Then I started again in 20 minutes and my laptop has started to sound. After 13 signal I tried the laptop off and start safe mode.

Without chains . Black picture.

In 20 minutes I started safe mode. Done. Driver I have deleted and graphics card also. Once again started Win10 and old driver installed, but during the installation screen is blocked (hang-up display). Once again started and once again signals heard and again black picture seen, when I tried safe mode started.

Then in 1 hour I once again safe mode started and Driver with the graphics card deleted. Win10 without graphics card worked well. Then I have yet another driver (from 02.2016) installed. This driver is well installed, but when I restart my laptop, screen in 10 seconds is blocked.

I have deleted Win10 and reinstalled, but at the final stage screen is blocked.

Currently I have dead laptop and today try to exchange heatpaste.

But I think that is problem in the circuit of the graphics card.

I got this problem as I installed new driver